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This is an agreement entered into by a couple prior to marriage that sets out what would happen to their finances in the event of the relationship breaking down or ending in a divorce.

Prenups have become increasingly popular as people marry later in life than in previous generations and people have accumulated their own assets such as property, shares or pension pots before they get married.


There may be different options available to arrange financial support for the children following the breakdown of a relationship. Parents can make a family-based arrangement or they can ask for maintenance to be arranged through a statutory scheme. 


Whether you are considering a divorce or have been served divorce papers, our expert lawyers can help you if you need to protect your wealth or ensure you get a fair settlement.

We listen to your needs, to ensure you have a divorce solicitor with the right experience and approach. We have acted for and against clients from all areas of life with varying assets and finances.  We are on your side and will do all we can to achieve a fair settlement through negotiation, or if necessary court action.

As part of our service, all our divorce lawyers work with our in-house accounting team. Extensive experience of tax, property, valuations, accounts and pension knowledge ensures you have a clear picture of the finances and assets in your marriage from the beginning.


Seeking expert legal advice at an early stage to help resolve matters can therefore be crucial and can potentially avoid litigation and costly court proceedings.

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